Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Favourite Street Food in Daegu

Bindaeduk 빈대떡 was my favourite street food in South Korea. Its amazing. Its like a potato cake kind of thing. One of my very first mornings in Daegu I found this small market and I've been there ever since. Getting through my list of must eats in Daegu with Prior who was on holidays. As you can see the restaurant is tiny. Just a street food place beside a fish market. She gave us some horrible non alcoholic bean drink but we drank some Hite beer instead.

Just looked this up because clearly I never made it. But it looks pretty simple. Just blended mung beans and rice. add vegetables then fry like a pancake. Simple and delicious hearty Korean food. Has a texture just like a potato cake so I was really showing him a bitta Cavan in Korea.

It also comes with a spicy soy dipping sauce that contains chilies and garlic

Bindaeduk is the second one in from the left only W1000 so cheap. good times

Thought I'd throw this in too as I made Prior have some of this. In the big red container is toppoki its rice cake with spicy red sauce. I think its great most people I met aren't really fans :(. It also comes in bags for easy transport or throwing at people.
On the front on the left hand side is kimbap its like a small suishi roll but Jesus don't tell Koreans that and then there is tempura veg. I always go for the ojing-aw (tempura squid)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ramadan Market Khota Bharu

More from our trip, this is from Khota Bharu in Malaysia, just a short stop over on the way to Perenthian islands. It was Ramadan at the time and a market to celebrate this was on. So as I understood it, people bought all there food at themarket but couldn't eat it until the sun set. I felt really sorry for the people working there because the smell of all the food was amazing. There was about 4 lanes of food, most of which I had never seen before, anywhere!

Huge chickens being roasted

Goose picking some random food.

Colourful drinks available made from different types of local fruit.

These were so tasty. charcoal roasted chicken legs

This is what I went for. Not really sure what it was. Kind of curry potato pancake with loads of vegetables inside. It was mildly spicy and delicious. It was cool to watch him make it!

This is the finished product, after all that hard work.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Singapore Chinatown Dimsum

Woo Gustaf. This is from our short trip to Singapore for 3 days before heading to the Perentian Islands during our August holiday break from Korea. 
Anyway we were in Chinatown and I couldn't resists giving Gustaf his first taste of Hong Kong (although its in Singapore). 

Inside of Wu Kok (taro bun) my favourite dim sum

Some Milky Ice tea to wash everything down. ohh yes

Chou sui Bao (steamed pork bun)

Gustaf clearly loved it. ha

Me rocking Singapore temple

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

North Eastern Taiwan Treats

Juifen is a very old Taiwanese town. It has a few abandoned mines, the place is cool to hang out in during the day but becomes magical at night when all the crowds have left and it resembles the town from spirited away. We took a few day trips to Pingxi and surrounding areas. Here are some of the great foods we sampled in the area

Train lunch box supposed famous. this place was like a mini factory in the kitchen

Giant bowl of sticky rice with Chinese sausages inside. But not the horrible ones :)

This genius flame baked this dumplings like a nan bread. The inside was scolding hot and burned us many times

Look at the inside of that. OOOH yes sublime and mouth burning hot.

Looking for these Boa's the whole time we were in Taiwan. They look and taste just like the ones in Xian a light year away across China.

Some pics of Juifen at night. Some people say it resembles the town in spirited away and that the next picture is a lot like the bath house. I'm not sure, I've seen the movie like a million times but it pretty amazing lit up at night either way.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fukuoka japan ramen city

A short visit to fukuoka japan. 
Tonkatsu ramen from ramen stadium was the highlight in the home of ramen.The egg was cooked perfectly. You order your food from a ticket machine and give the ticket to the chef and he cooks it. I Had so much noodles its was great. Made loud slurpy noises and basically I just ate all of the ramen in fukuoka and it was great. Ramen city

Ohori park

Friday, April 4, 2014

Gorge hiking food

Hualien is where we stayed to see the amazing Toroko gorge. Better add a pic of the gorge so. Really good pork dumpling. Very gelatinous and covered in soup but delicious all the same and very different to other dumplings. I think its a kind of desert actually.

Thai restaurant in the area had a big queue which is generally a good sign.
 The Taiwanese know food and know where is good to eat. The sauce was mouth tingling, sweet and spicy.

My favourite soup dumplings. Not as thin walled as xiao long boa but much more filling and just as tasty. 

Hard working women and a delious pile of dumplings

Some pics of the awesome Toroko Gorge